Business Writing

Marketing Collateral & Lead Generation

I don’t just write compelling copy. I provide one-stop shopping to create copy that is compelling to your future customers, and then deliver it in a completed package, whether that is a postcard, website, landing page or whitepaper.

Blog Postings

A compelling blog post increases discovery of and traffic to your site, increases lead generation, establishes your expertise and authority and drives long-term results.

Case Studies

A real story provides a better demonstration of value, features, and benefits, adoption by trusted companies, and product fit than any other form of marketing.


Ebooks provide real value that establishes your authority and position you as the “go-to” expert in your industry. Unlike brochures that get “round-filed”, they are kept due to their value.

SEO Copy & Website Optimization
Video Scripts & Videos (Marketing & Instructional)

For marketing, a professional video engages your audience and drives traffic to your site like nothing else. Capture your audience by making your message compelling and clear

Web Content
Websites and Landing Pages (rapidly deployed)
Other Business Writing and Marketing Collateral
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