Remote & Onsite Tech Support

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I provide on-call technical support for desktops of all kinds and LAMP servers. I can work on systems remotely or conference you via Sococo Web Conference. If you are in the Silicon Valley area, I also make house/office calls. Special rate for seniors!

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Small Business IT Consulting

I have helped Solopreneurs and Small Businesses set up their IT and data workflow with cloud apps, software recommendations and integrations. With a good IT system in place, your small business can have big business muscle!  I design systems for startups that won’t drain your funds.

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Software & App Development Management

Are you concerned about using an offshore team to develop your App or Software? There are horror stories about companies going under because their offshore development team could not deliver what was expected in a timely manner.  It is possible to offshore software development successfully if the project is well managed.

Intertech Engineering Associates have published a whitepaper on best practices for dealing with offshore software development (pdf).

A recent survey conducted by Sococo, illustrates that the top issue among distributed cross-cultural teams is miscommunication about requirements, followed by different views on quality at number four.


One of the best practices for managing an offshore team require a good functional and/or technical specification with clear conformance metrics and milestones.  Let me help you develop those, so that ambiguity is eliminated. A good spec is useful not only for offshore development, but any customer focused development, whether internal or external, Agile or not. We can also do the development of a subset of LAMP software and mobile apps.

Philip Crosby put it like this:

  1. Quality is defined as conformance to customers’ requirements
  2. The system for improving quality is prevention
  3. The performance standard is zero defects—a commitment to conform to requirements
  4. The measurement of quality is the price of quality.

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